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If you feel like you’ve been hearing a bit (or a lot!) about fashion and sustainability recently but don’t feel quite sure about where to start, or how you feel about responding, you are very welcome here! 

There has been an explosion of messages around fashion and sustainability recently. It’s an exciting time because that means more and more people are getting interested about being involved. But it’s also worrying because there are lot of negatives to take on. We are hearing more about shocking labour standards in clothings factories around the world (including the UK), the mountains of waste that the global north export to other countries - even how we should navigate the world of plastics, fabrics and recycled content. We are getting aware of the impact such a big globalised industry is having on climate change.  It can be really difficult to know what is the best thing to do. Meanwhile the messages to ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!’ keep on coming from the big brands we actually have really loved throughout our lives. It can be very difficult to know where to turn.

We get that feeling. To be honest, there aren’t magically simple answers to the challenges that are rising up to the surface in the fashion industry. The problems have been there for a while, and they have a lot of interconnected challenges in geography, economics and regulation. So we aren’t going to make sweeping statements about what will happen next. But it is time to unpick the challenges and start creating a new way of enjoying fashion. A great strength that the fashion industry has is that it’s full of creative and talented people - many of whom care about the future. So whether you’ve been avidly following what’s going on and have a very clear view on what will work for you, or whether you are just getting into this space - our goal here at Comhla is to be a guide on the journey and show you what’s out there. But do it in a way that means all are welcome and we come at it with a collaborative approach. So you can come here for information, for tips and also to get our view on what’s happening in sustainable fashion. 

At Comhla, our role is it show you (not just tell you) ways to curate a more sustainable wardrobe - for us that means a more carefully curated selection of pieces that are made with sustainability at heart; providing ways to care for and top up that wardrobe by mending and caring for our clothes better; while also keeping clothes in circulation with preloved or rental options. 

That’s why our mantra is Buy Well, Mend, Extend. 

Join us here, via our email newsletters or follow our socials - we’d love to go on this journey with you.