Who we are

Comhla means ‘together’. We bring together brilliant brands and businesses so we can all create and curate more sustainable wardrobes. We are a fresh-out-of-the-box new business but with many years of expertise behind us. Join us on the journey to change.

What we do

We live in a world that is changing - and we want to be a part of making that change a positive one. Comhla means ‘together’ and we are all about solutions - we want to help shoppers find and buy from fashion brands and businesses that stand for a more sustainable future. 

We bring together lots of solutions in one place to make it easier for you to find your way to curating a more sustainable wardrobe.

If you want to do things differently but haven’t found the beautiful, responsible and convenient solutions you need yet, come on a journey with us! To find out more about why we need a more sustainable fashion industry, explore Inform.

A word from our Founder

I am so delighted you are here on the Comhla website, welcome!

I set up Comhla because I could see more and more people feeling uncomfortable about the impact fashion has on people and planet - but were struggling to find solutions. 

I’ve worked in corporate sustainability consulting for nearly 20 years. As we understand more and more about the impact we have on people and planet via the products we buy, I knew I could bring my experiences to help people shop and curate their wardrobes in a more sustainable way. I created Comhla to help shoppers with that journey - and to support the amazing brands and businesses who create the products and services we need.

We are all learning as we go so please do get in touch if you have any questions or information to share.

About us

Our Mission and Values

Making it easier to care for the world and get dressed. Working together for change, for impact, for inspiration and for fun.


We talk with brilliant brands and services about how they run their businesses before we list them on our site. We use the three areas you see below and ask lots of questions. We are all on a journey towards change so we use the approach of progress over perfection. We then list them within our categories of Buy Well, Mend and Extend for you to shop from and enjoy. You can read all about each business on their profile pages, and see why we list them. Find more information under Inform.


We look for beautiful design, craftsmanship, durability and curation from the brands and businesses we list. After all, if its made to last and looks amazing then its first owner will treasure it, it can be mended to live longer and it will hold its value if its sold on to another owner or rented. This all makes sense for a more sustainable fashion system and fit with our brands values of working together for Inspiration and Fun!


We list a range of businesses involved in a more sustainable fashion system so the headings we use aren’t the same for everyone. If you make products we cover the processes that involves, the impact that has on people and planet and how we can improve that. If you run a business that mends or sells (rather than manufactures) we look at how we can all tread more lightly on the planet and support the people in our supply chains. This is about Change and Impact.


As businesses we can all help to lift up our communities, be that within our supply chains or generally around us. We look at how brands and businesses approach their local and global communities (depending on what sort of business they are) and what they do to support each other. It's all part of working together for Change and Impact.

Buy Well

Brands who are part of Buy Well have sustainability at the heart of their approach. They work hard to address the impacts of making clothes in our modern world - by the fabrics they use, the factories they make them in, the wages the makers receive and the conditions they work in, the way goods are transported and how they are packaged. They are also concerned with what happens to clothes after they have been sold and where they end up.



Businesses who are listed in our Mend section want to see clothes live longer and are against how modern society values and disposes of a lot of our clothing. By learning a skill to mend our clothes, or by outsourcing mending, alterations and re-fashioning to skilled professionals we can reduce waste and value the resources and people that first made them.



Clothes can live a long and happy life in the wardrobes of others. The longer a garment lives, the less of an impact it has on the planet and the less waste is produced. Businesses in our Extend section buy and sell pre-loved clothes or offer rental or swapping services so that a garment can live a life in many people’s wardrobes. 


Join us on the journey

We can bring you sustainable fashion news, views and inspiration directly to your inbox, if you'd like us to!