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Shop from your own wardrobe using Re-condsidered’s service and get the clothes you don’t wear anymore transformed into items you will treasure. At Re_considered upcycled clothing and accessories are made in small quantities by highly-skilled seamsters who specialise in upcycling. Everything is produced in-studio or at the small studios of their freelance seamster community. Everything is quality checked by the Re_considered team and the stories behind the upcycled garments are attached for the customer to learn about their unique reworked journey (from curtain to dress, or shirt to skirt) with the idea that once we attach meaning to an item, items are treasured and looked after for longer.

Why Comhla Loves Reconsidered

We would love to see more shoppers reconnect with the stories behind their clothes and enjoy the creative journey of being involved in making clothes. The team at Re-considered take customers on that journey, saving clothes from being discarded and giving them a true new lease of life. Tabby and the team are passionate about what they do and the support change in the fashion world. We love how they mix creativity and sustainability.





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