Five ways to tackle that Christmas / NYE party dress code - with a sustainability twist

One of the things we love to do over here is dispel the myth that making more sustainable choices for your wardrobe is boring, and means you have to turn down all the fun stuff. So when those party invites come rolling in, let us help you figure out your outfits of dreams. It’s not all about party wear though - we all love a cosy evening in or by the fire at this time of year . The good news is we have the solutions to that too. Oh and one more thing - need a gift, with less of the guilt?! We have you covered!

You might have noticed that our mantra is Buy Well, Mend, Extend. That means we support brands who are making the best clothes with sustainability at heart. So you can shop for new with us knowing that the brands we stock are taking steps to support People and Planet with better design and manufacturing. We also love all things repair and repurpose - so under our Mend heading you can find upcycled pieces made from fabric or garments that already exist, plus the services you need to have your favourites repaired. Preloved is perfect for this time of year, and in Extend you will find our curated collection of secondhand fashion - a wonderful way to enjoy clothes with less of an impact on the planet.

Partywear - we love Preloved! 

Preloved fashion has got to be the Angel of 2022. This year it’s exploded like a crazy glitter cannon (no that is something we really don’t recommend for a sustainable Christmas, lol!). From Ebay and Love Island, to appearances on styling segments on This Morning, 2022 is the year preloved has gone mainstream. And preloved party wear is the cherry on the Christmas cake - so to speak. So if you have the urge to splurge and want something in your wardrobe that you haven’t owned before - get on over to our Extend section and check out what’s on offer - are you a shiny party wear person or a head-to-toe black? We have both!

Are you wondering why you should? Well, apart from the fact that its a lot less likely that someone else will be wearing the same thing, if we all wore preloved on Christmas Day (according to an big preloved seller in the US) we would take out the carbon emissions that 56 million cars pump out in a day. Not bad for one day and one outfit!

Style it up with a sustainable twist

Have you noticed that your socials feed is awash with a particular way to style sequins this Christmas? Need a clue? It’s a simple solution to looking totally modern, and definitely something everyone can do. Got it yet?

It’s none other than the capsule wardrobe staple, the white shirt. Have a look around and you will see lots of looks with sparkles on the bottom half and a crisp white shirt on top - it looks great. You might be able to do it straight out of your current wardrobe (top sustainability marks) but if you need a refresh, then head into our Buy Well section and see Saywood’s beautiful and sustainably minded take on the white shirt - the details will set you apart from anyone else rocking that look.

Repair and rewear - or refashion again

Do you have something that you love, but isn’t loving you back? Maybe it needs a fix, or something a bit more drastic? If you are pushed for time and you need to know how to emergency fix that hem or hole, head over to our Mend section and look at the free tutorials on Mending we have listed there. But if you have a bigger mend you can’t do yourself, get in touch with our Mending service via The Seam, - they have a service for almost everything from knitwear to party wear, even handbags and trainers can get a refresh. Do you have something in your wardrobe that needs more of a makeover? Get in touch with our upcyclers via our Mend section, they can work magic on a piece - if it’s a big overhaul it might not be ready for this year, but there’s nothing wrong with being super-organised for next year!

Borrow from a friend

If you’ve already been out and see a friend in a totally amazing outfit -  just ask them if you can borrow it! What’s the worst that can happen?

Rent for best (but don’t Save for Best!)

If you have a high profile event to go to this Christmas season, go for a rented showstopper. You can get a high luxe look for a lot, lot less. Try Hurr or HireStreet and add a luxury handbag from Cocoon Club or Bag Butler to really lift your look. And on the flip side, if you’ve got some great pieces in your wardrobe, don’t save them for best. Wear you sparkles in the day time, dress down your dresses with trainers - you won’t feel overdressed, it's the season to turn up glam after all.