What is Mend ?

Repair, alterations and upcycling - these are important ways we can care for our clothes and reduce the impact we have on environment.

You can book a repair with us. Follow the links below.

You can commission an expert to upcycyle or customise your clothes too.

And if you fancy having a go at making a basic repair yourself, we've even listed some tutorials for you to follow. Tag us on socials if you do it, we'd love to see how you get on!

The Seam

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Repair What You Wear

Revive London

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Why Mending Matters

And how do I mend my clothes?

Getting off the starting blocks mending our clothes can be a bit a task. As with any new habit, it will take a bit of time to bed in. But believe us, it is really worth it when you do. How so?

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