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Autumn! finally!

As we (finally!) go into Autumn, are you ready to switch things up? Explore our beautiful knitwear collection and keep your eyes peeled as we add more Autumn and Winter pieces for you to enjoy.

We source all the brands and pieces we list with a clear sustainability ethos. Built around the framework "Beauty, Responsibility, Community" we ask brands loads of questions so you can shop with confidence. Check out the About Us section if you'd like to know more.


The Coedit

Mila Knit Vest Navy/Green
Sold out

Mirla Beane

Illana Roll Neck Jumper Beige
Sold out

Mirla Beane

ONE Love embroidered sew on patch on a grey marl organic cotton sweatshirt, sewn to left hand side of chest



It's Autumn at last

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