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Hello 2024!

Whether you are charging into the new year filled with plans or taking it all at a more reflective pace, we have something for you.

Maybe you need a piece to reinvigorate your wardrobe and want to support small, sustainable businesse - or you are looking to repair a favourite and need to find a service provider. Or even you want to inject something new-to-you in your wardrobe at a lower price and a lower impact on the planet (hello Preloved!). All these things are here at Comhla, for you.

Here is just a flavour of what we have for you. Have a browse around our BUY WELL, MEND, EXTEND sections to find more.

We happen to think 2024 has the power to be a transformative year in sustainable fashion - so how about joining us on the journey. Sign up to our emails to come along with us!

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We are here to help you curate a more sustainable wardrobe

With Comhla's BUY WELL, MEND, EXTEND mantra you have all the tools you need to curate your wardrobe with a sustainability mindset. And without compromising on your signature style. Find new and beautifully created pieces with sustainability at heart in our Buy Well section. Repair or refashion your favourites using the services you will find in Mend. In Extend, shop preloved treasures and ready-to-wear upcycled pieces. We will have rental there too, very soon.

Sustainability is a journey - sign up for our newsletter to join ours, and let us help you with yours!

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