Working collaboratively and being a part of the business world’s progress towards more sustainable practices isn’t just something we talk about, its something we do. 

1 % For the Planet

We are a 1% For the Planet business. This means every year we give 1% of our revenue to environmental projects that support our planet and the environmental challenges we face. We are a small business but by joining up with a global network of businesses all supporting something bigger than us, it helps us to feel and know that we can really make a difference. We talk about the projects we support on our social media so follow us there for more information.

Find out more about becoming a 1% For the Planet business here

Better Business Act

In order to effectively tackle environmental and social challenges that businesses are part and parcel of, we need business systems and legislature that is shaping all businesses to be a force for good. At the moment it is voluntary for businesses to take an approach that balances the interests of people, planet and profit. The Better Business Act calls for amendments to the Companies Act so that all businesses take all stakeholders into consideration in the way it acts. This will mean a true balance of the needs of society, the needs of nature and the planet, and the financial needs of economies.

Comhla is a signatory to the Better Business Act, showing our support for these four changes:

To read more about supporting The Better Business Act, look here

Fashion Roundtable

Fashion Roundtable is an independent, not for profit, non partisan think tank which aims to raise the reputation of the fashion industry, support UK talent and manufacturing, embed sustainability and promote representation and inclusivity. It is the secretariat of the only two All Party Parlimentary Groups focused on the fashion industry and so is uniquely places at the nexus of sector expertise and political insights. 

Comhla’s founder, Lucie, sits on the committee for Sustainability and Social Justice in a voluntary capacity. Lucie aims to bring past cross sector corporate sustainability experience and her day to day experience of running Comhla to assist discussions on how to support regulatory change. 

To read more about Fashion Roundtable’s work, go here