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Hoola Kids is here to change the face of shopping for Childrens’ clothes in two ways;  

Quality items at great prices & the online shopping experience you expect.

We work hard to rescue fabulous condition outgrown Childrens’ clothing from the backs of wardrobes to give you lots of options. By focusing on extending the use of outgrown childrens' clothing, Hoola Kids is able to save you money compared to buying new and encourages a more sustainable approach to shopping.

Why Comhla loves Hoola

Hoola is doing just what Comhla loves - making it easier to take steps to become more sustainable in our everyday lives. Kids grow, clothes get outgrown and there is a lot of quality kids clothes out there ready for a new home. Hoola has created a lovely shopping experience for you to buy your kids affordable preloved clothes.



"Perfect clean as new outfit, thank you."

"Fabulous items, brilliant condition. Thank You."

Tulle Skirt

Hoola Kids

Tiger Dungaree Set

Hoola Kids

Stripe Ruffle Skirt

Hoola Kids

Smocked Dress

Hoola Kids

Short Denim Dungarees

Hoola Kids

Red Floral Tulle Dress

Hoola Kids

Party Dress

Hoola Kids

Orange Crochet Top

Hoola Kids

Mustard & Heart Print Dress

Hoola Kids

Llama Tights/Leggings

Hoola Kids

Grey Soft Brushed Dress

Hoola Kids


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