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Revive offers bespoke curated collections composed of vintage and second-hand clothing which has been brought back to life using hand embroidered details. I also offer the Revival service where you can send in your own clothes to be brought back to life. The Revive logo features wildflowers, because they grow in the places people least expect them to bloom. Let’s give forgotten clothes the same vision, and allow them to bloom in ways we didn’t think possible

Why Comhla loves Revive

We love embroidery at Comhla so we knew we’d love Teresa’s work. Teresa is practicing and supporting an art form that is under appreciated in terms of skill and uptake, so we love to support her in keeping this alive via introducing her work to as many shoppers as we can! By taking clothes that are less loved and giving them a new lease of life, she is helping a lower waste fashion system that keeps clothes in use for longer - its everyday activism at work!




How it Works

Choose an Item

It all begins with choosing an item of clothing you would like to Revive. This could be anything from a jacket, trousers, or even a simple T-shirt.

Get In Touch.

Once you have the item in mind, get in touch with me through an email. Send me a picture of the item you wish to Revive along with some inspirational pictures, and then I will book a short video call where we can discuss the Revival ideas for your piece, as well as pricing.


Once we have settled on the Revival, you can post me your item of clothing and then the magic will happen. Soon after, you will receive your newly up-cycled and Revived item of clothing!

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