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The Seam connects you with local, specialist Makers to alter, repair and customize your wardrobe. The Seam works with specialist Makers across London and beyond, offering wardrobe care & repair services from everyday alterations to knitwear repair, leather accessories and footwear restoration, customisation, embroidery and made to measure. The Seam is about creating a world where people wear rather than consume their clothes; a world where clothes enhance a sense of belonging, in ourselves, and within our communities; where clothes fit, they last, they bring joy, and they’re threaded with meaning, stories and intentions. Welcome to the culture of care. 

Why Comhla Love The Seam

At Comhla we are all about making it easier for shoppers to curate a more sustainable wardrobe. Mending and altering can seem like a challenge for many of us who aren’t regularly in the habit - and that’s the brilliant thing about The Seam - if you haven’t yet found an alterations or mending expert to help you, this is where you can start. You can book a service from the comfort of your home or the convenience of wherever you are  (Makers in new geographical areas are being added regularly).





Repairs & Custom Projects

Search by your postcode and find a maker either locally to you or who can deliver to you by post. Repair services include hole repairs, tear repairs, zip and button replacements, lining replacement, embroidery, dying and sportwear mends. Custom projects such as made to measure, restyling or specialist delicate fabric repairs are available in certain postcodes.

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Alterations to the size and fit of your clothes are easily commissioned by going through a checklist of what item you have and what sort of adjustment is needed (for example trousers and hem, or blazer and adjust sleeves). Alterations are currently available in London and The Seam are expanding across the country very soon.

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