We talk to our partner brands and other stakeholders we work with about progress over perfection for sustainability. And it sums up how we approach sustainability at Comhla too. But what does it mean?

As a society, especially in the global north, we must focus our efforts on addressing the combined challenges of climate, biodiversity loss and social inequality. Real impact is crucial because the time is now.

When we absorb the science based conclusions on the climate crisis, lead by the IPCC, we begin to understand that the urgent need to reach a peak of the emissions causing climate change by 2025 and then halve them by 2050 (in simplified terms), relies on us making real changes. And the real changes must have impact. 

Progress over Perfection is something that can seem easy to say but is actually difficult to live by. It is far from an excuse to do little. It is the pragmatic acceptance that we must take action without always being 100% sure of every single detail, because if we wait for perfection and for every answer to every question to be completed - we will be too late to mitigate and adapt to the changes climate will cause to the planet.

We know that we humans celebrate those that took the risk and failed, because we also know that those who fail often end up winning in the end. We just mustn’t be afraid to try. As humans we know that to embrace trial and error and potential failure is the path to innovation. To change at speed and to embrace the potential of making a wrong moves is difficult. That’s what is at the root of progress over perfection.

Progress over perfection is also the ability to bring people in, to support others in their journey. It doesn’t demand perfection from our community or our stakeholders and therefore allows us to move forward together. 

Comhla launched in summer of 2022 and we commit to continuously reviewing our progress, to creating a measurable Impact as we work on measuring our business footprint, and to delivering change in the fashion industry and against the Sustainable Development Goals.

We will report back on our progress at annual intervals, or before.