Our Mission

Comhla means Together. 

Our mission is to make it easier for shoppers to care about the world and get dressed. A simple everyday action, getting dressed is actually fraught with a multitude of negative impacts on planet and people. 

We want to help people tackle that. We also passionately believe that it is many different drivers that will make a true and lasting change to the fashion industry in the face of the inter-related climate and biodiversity crises, and long standing social equity problems across the industry. So we will play our part with championing better regulation, better big business practices, better small business practices and better customer understanding to effect change. 

We bring together fashion brands and businesses under three key categories of Buy Well, Mend and Extend. We create an inspirational place for shoppers to connect with them. We support the businesses themselves on their sustainability journeys. We play a part in advocacy and policy circles where we can and are qualified to do so.

Our meaning of Together

Together for Change - it is abundantly clear to us that changing the way we live and work in the face of the climate, ecological and social crises will only be possible when we work collaboratively with all stakeholders

Together for Inspiration - we want to inspire our stakeholders with learning and experiences that are educational and joyful, to encourage them towards stepping more lightly on the planet and supporting societies.

Together for Impact - the coming years must all be about Impact. There is an urgency to take action and move beyond theorising. Whilst that has given us hugely important perspectives on how to move forward, now is the time to take action, measure our progress and quantify the impact we have on driving down carbon intensity, natural resource use and move towards better human rights, regenerative systems and circular economy solutions. We will share our learning on how we do it.

Together for Fun - positivity and a common goal energises people. The sustainability issues the fashion industry faces and the climate crisis aren’t any fun. But we can find solutions that energise us and we enjoy. That way we can make the difference, together.