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The Coedit believes in a new way of shopping. One where you invest in your style as much as you invest in the pieces you add to your wardrobe. And where the value of pre-loved is the same as buying new.

The Coedit is an approach led by style and sustainability rather than impulse, and a destination that can inspire and share ways to make conscious change without judgement.

Why Comhla loves The Coedit

Founders Hannah Jinkins and Victoria Binns are creating a preloved business based on curation and styling. They combine experience and expertise in styling and personal shopping, with sustainability and fashion design - bringing you a service that combines a love of style with a sustainable delivery via their preloved collections. Elevating preloved and championing a slower way to shop and style your wardrobe, Comhla loves their approach to curating a more sustainable wardrobe - exactly what we are all about here!



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