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The perfect traceable Tailored T shirt,  comfortable, traceable, tested for biodegradability and can be fully recycled.  This is product that rarely needs washing, even when worn against the skin as it has odour repellent and moisture management qualities.


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The perfect traceable and circular tailored T shirt, tested for biodegradability and is fully recyclable. This is a product that rarely needs washing, even when worn against the skin as it has odour repellent and moisture management qualities. Extremely soft we have lifted the collar a touch so the product looks as good worn smartly with a suit as it does when cycling through town. ZQ Merino is a renewable fibre from farms that work to regenerative agricultural practices and we can trace the fibre back directly to the source. This is our signature sustainable and circular wool knitted T shirt. Rest assured that no animals are hurt in the production as all are free range and the farms operate under animal welfare and health practices. Mulesing free.

If in doubt, We suggest buying a size down as the product is quite long on the body.

Wool is a fantastic material with natural bacterial and dirt resistance. Therefore, wool does not need to be washed after every use. Frequent washing has a negative effect on the wool's properties and unnecessarily wears down the garment. Instead, air your wool garments to reduce your water usage, save energy and make your garments last longer.

Machine gentle wash at max 30 degrees, preferably with a wool program and always line dry

Please don't be tempted to wash your ZQ Merino from Neem London too often and never spin to speed up drying – this weakens the fibres and will misshape your garment.

Wear often, wash infrequently, then recycle.

We can recycle this and make new from the waste – EVEN with stains, rips or burns. the product is recyclable and we kindly ask you to return it to us when it’s completely worn out for a credit against future purchases.

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