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Comhla means Together

We passionately believe that working together creates the energy needed to make changes in the fashion industry and begin living more sustainably. If you would like to explore working together with us, please get in touch here.

Become a Partner
  • Buy Well

    Find brands that care with sustainability at their heart.We will curate brands who work hard to design and create beautiful pieces that last and tread lightly on the planet and, in their making, support fairer societies

  • Mend

    Discover amazing and creative sewists who can visibly and invisibly mend your favourites so you can keep them longer, or re-fashion less loved clothes and fabrics to create a whole new loveable piece.

  • Extend

    Clothes can live a long and happy life in someone else's wardrobe after yours! Whether you are new to the world of preloved and rental, or an old hand, we will connect you with gorgeous choices.

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