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Berjoan, designed to be cherished and shared. Inspired by the exploration and commitment to both beautiful and low-impact textiles, Berjoan’s focused collections of luxurious daywear are designed by the founder Charlotte at the Berjoan studio in the Oxfordshire countryside, and made in small batches with high quality manufacturers in the UK. All of Berjoan’s materials are carefully sourced from mills across Europe who share the brand’s beliefs that beautiful fabrics are those crafted in natural fibres and responsibly sourced. Versatile garment shapes feature ties, gathers and pleats, transcending age and shape and therefore offering longevity and the ability to be treasured, shared and handed on.

Why Comhla loves Berjoan

Berjoan’s commitment to natural fibres and responsibly sourcing sees the brand using GOTS certified cotton, linens and wool which are all sourced with focus on protecting our water: the over-use of water as a resource and its pollution during fashion production processes is a huge issue. Berjoan have chosen to limit their impact by making active decisions to work with mills and spinners that are very careful to protect water sources and by using organic fibres that don’t use pesticides when they are grown. Clever design reduces waste and Berjoan’s designs are created to live long, timeless and stylish lives in our wardrobes. With a focus on UK manufacturing and Living Wages, charitable support to the Nomi Network (an anti human trafficking and women’s safe employment charity) and careful plastic free packaging, Comhla loves Berjoan for its high level of attention to a whole range of sustainable fashion issues. That attention to detail is reflected in the quality of the pieces. 



Oxfordshire , UK


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